Shreya Ghoshal Day 

June 26th is declared was declared as Shreya Ghoshal day by the American State of Ohio for her contributions to the music industry.

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And so she arrived. The girl next door. The item girl. The style diva. The role model. The actress who can stand on her own two feet. She plays her part with utmost perfection. She’s sometimes vanilla with the right dash of spice. Sometimes she’s all spice with a tinge of tart. Her looks could kill but she’s the one who adds soul to Hindi cinema’s machismo.

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1+2/50 edits of Leonardo DiCaprio

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suraj hua madham + scenery

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inspired by [x]

Part 1

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nothing hurts like when a person you dislike makes a post you wanna reblog but you can’t because honor 

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Infinite List of Bollywood Songs Gun Gun Guna | (Agneepath)

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Singham Returns
↳ Kareena Kapoor and Ajay Devgan

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Nazha from MOROCCO
Bollywood, Shahrukh khan Madhuri Dixit Kareena Kapoor Deepika padukone, Devdas,Ram Leela. K-drama, Lee min ho Kim Hyun Joong Suzy miss A Gong Yoo Jo in Sung Kim Soo Hyung, TVD TGW HIMYM GA.

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